K-Point Grid Client (getKPoints) Version History
Date Version Changes
Nov 25, 2020 C2020.11.25 Improved message reporting. Put emphasis marks "***" around warning and error messages. Print KPOITNS to screen when using "WRITE_LATTICE_VECTORS=TRUE", in addition to saving the grid in a KPOINTS file.

Client script versions earlier than this would leave an emtpy KPOINTS file when the server encouters an error (such as incorrect MAGMOM in INCAR) and a server of version before 2020.11.25 is used. Users are encouraged to upgrade to this new script. A warning is printed if the server detects the usage of a client script of earlier versions.
Jun 06, 2016 C2016.06.06 Big changes to make script tidier, more human-readable, and versioned. Script can now parse in INCAR files to take into account the user's chosen ISYM input. It also can move most of the comments in the header to stdout depending on the user input with the default option of doing so. Finally, the script takes into account different URL flags for different output styles.
Feb 02, 2016 C2016.02.20 Initial release version, the same as the version attached in the publication.

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