Nanoscale materials - selected publications
High-performance transition metal–doped Pt3Ni octahedra for oxygen reduction reaction
Xiaoqing Huang, Zipeng Zhao, Liang Cao, Yu Chen, Enbo Zhu, Zhaoyang Lin, Mufan Li, Aiming Yan, Alex Zettl, Y. Morris Wang, Xiangfeng Duan, Tim Mueller and Yu Huang
Science 348, 1230 (2015)
Ab initio determination of structure-property relationships in alloy nanoparticles
Tim Mueller
Physical Review B 86, 144201 (2012)
Effect of particle size on hydrogen release from sodium alanate nanoparticles
Tim Mueller and Gerbrand Ceder
ACS Nano 4, 5647 (2010)
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